Primo Marine is an independent subsea cabling and pipeline engineering specialist established in 1997 and headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Deep industry knowledge combined with an extensive track record relating to offshore installation and protection solutions. Expertise which provides complete due diligence prior to, during and after installation and protection.

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Installation & Protection
CAPEX/OPEX Comparisons Balancing/Reducing Costs

Cable lay (installation) and burial (protection) solutions focused firmly on providing realistic CAPEX/OPEX comparisons, especially in terms of ensuring correct cable management and protection to the cable by effective burial throughout the cable´s lifetime.

A proven and reliable approach for providing our clients solutions in minimizing costs and risks over the lifetime of the cable.

Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation

A comprehensive variety of engineering solutions to reduce the cost of construction and/or mitigate risk, such as:

  - Burial Risk Assessments determining how deep to bury cables over
    their lifetime.

  - BAS Burial Assessment Studies determining how to bury cables.

  - TAS Trencher Assessment Studies assessing capability of trenchers
    for effective burial and preparation of technical tender documents,
    including evaluation, selection and negotiation.
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Burial Risk Analysis

The provision of cable burial solutions ranging from Risk Based Burial Design to Cable Burial Risk Analysis. Studies designed to provide results related to analysing and recommending on how deep to bury, in order to safeguard cables against external threats. These studies can be provided as bespoke packages or in combination with burial and/or trencher assessments and they are designed to provide confidence in regard to burial performances, the cable route or alternatives for rerouting.

Offshore Construction Services

A dedicated offshore management team with extensive experience and expertise to ensure the effective planning, interfacing, scheduling and thorough execution of multiple offshore construction activities such as dredging, cable repair, lay and install, provision sum, remedial campaigns, rock-placement, simultaneous operations, surveys, trenching and specialist construction activities such as heavy lifting, monopile installation and piling.

The offering also covers marine coordination, crewing, logistics and offshore client representation in specialist areas such as safety, quality control and engineering.

Operations & Maintenance – Emergency Response – Cable Repair Solutions

The prevention of or recovery from cable damage or faults for both predictable and unpredictable events. Solutions for minimizing costs and mitigating risks. The thorough planning of all necessary steps to be taken by all stakeholders, vessel and manpower identification and planning, storage & rental, permitting and authorities, responding, repairing and claim management. Also in the event of a failure an emergency response covering extensive fault finding and repair management is available via the 24/7 accessibility.

See also our press release relating to a Cable Emergency Response Manual, covering Prevention, Preparedness & Response in regard to cable emergencies and planned solutions.

24/7 Emergency Accessibility

24/7 Emergency Response and Accessibility throughout the lifetime (from Pre-construction to the Operations & Maintenance Phase) is a key component of a Project Strategy. Primo Marine provides this service to several key clients, specialist response covering:

  - Cable Repair, Emergency Response & Cable Fault Finding Services.
  - Subject Matter expertise - in support of safety, regulatory and
    operational issues.
  - Advisory services - covering a range of enquiries including the
    sourcing of required resources or services.