Independent Marine Infrastructure Expertise

The installing and protection of cables or pipelines from landfall to subsea and marine infrastructures is a demanding and challenging scope of work. Requiring precise preparation, planning and execution, flexibility and meticulous Engineering, Project & QHSE management.

The providing of exact expertise and experience achieved through our extensive track record, enables Primo Marine to meet all the challenges involved during the installing and protection of submarine cables (interconnectors, inter-array and export), umbilical’s and pipelines.

Primo Marine will always ensure the deployment of this expertise to provide successful risk mitigated solutions for our clients.

Owner´s Engineer

Primo Marine considers the role of “Owner’s Engineer” as a core differentiator in regard to selection criteria. Our independence ensures adherence to all corporate, project, financial and legislative specifications.

The in-depth technical knowledge Primo Marine offers, derives from understanding the differing requirements of all the stakeholders involved and bringing them together, in order to ensure continuous smooth operations throughout the project lifecycle and leading ultimately to successfully concluded scopes of works.

Primo Marine closes the gap in regard to resources and requirements by being a central hub of independent expertise, utilised to achieve the best results for our clients.

Mission and Vision

Primo Marine’s mission & vision is to substantially mitigate all the challenges and exposure of our clients, by continuously providing independent expertise.

Primo Marine identifies the “unknown” and provides combined engineering and technical solutions based on three core principles:
1. A solid theoretical background
2. Applying all the lessons learned from all projects completed (practical experience)
3. Flexible deployment of exact expertise

Expertise which delivers industry leading solutions related to the installation and protection of cables and pipelines from landfall to subsea and marine infrastructure.

Capabilities and Competencies

Primo Marine’s comprehensive portfolio of capabilities and competencies cover the complete requirements for cable, umbilical and pipeline protection and installation.

Primo Marine provides considerable expertise from Onshore Engineering (Pre-Construction and Installation phases) to Offshore services covering Operations & Maintenance, Construction Support and Client Representation. All supported by experienced Project and QHSE management teams.

Primo Marine has continued to grow by providing the exact expertise, in order to satisfy the complete requirement for each of the projects executed within our extensive track-record.

24/7 Accessibility

24/7 Emergency Response and Accessibility throughout the lifetime (from Pre-construction to the Operations & Maintenance Phase) is a key component of a Project Strategy. Primo Marine provides this service to several key clients, specialist response covering:

  - Cable Repair, Emergency Response & Cable Fault Finding Services
  - Subject Matter expertise - in support of safety, regulatory and
    operational issues
  - Advisory services - covering a range of enquiries including the
    sourcing of required resources or services

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