Installation & Burial Specialist

Providing expertise on submarine cable burial and protection during the preparation and execution of the cable installation tender as well as during the cable installation:

    • The Specialist can provide the following summary services/assignments (including but not limited to):

      • Partake in tender preparation of installation and protection of cables.
      • Liaise between the project, the contractor and other relevant organisations.
      • Partake in prequalification evaluation of the Pre-Qualified applicants.
      • Partake in tender evaluation.
      • Partake in tender negotiations.
      • Follow-up on installation and burial method statements after contract signing.
      • Follow-up on Daily Progress Reports (DPRs) during cable installation and burial.
      • The provision of commercial & contract management in regard to monitoring of contract and cost control, including variation against cost, time and contract.
      • The management of contractual issues, queries and questions.
      • The preparation of subcontracts, frameworks including negotiation of terms and conditions.
      • The alignment and management of all contractual and supporting documents such as insurances and certificates.
      • Providing change-order and variation management.