Risk Based Route Analysis, Route Optimisation and Protection

    • Route Engineering, Design and Preparation:
      • Focused on reducing installation risk and cost i.e. avoiding scheduling, installation and a lack of protection by micro-rerouting to overcome anomalies, obstacles, seabed conditions, crossing angles and UXO.
    • Risk Based Burial Depth (Cable Burial Risk Assessments):
      • Determining how deep to bury i.e. safeguarding of cables over their lifetime based on external threats.
    • Seabed Mobility Assessments & Morphological Studies:
      • Assessing presence of mobile seabed features and overcoming challenges to ensure safe installation and protection.
      • Assessment of survey results.
      • Advanced morphodynamic seabed modelling.
    • Interface Management:
      • Towards authorities, 3rd party subsea assets owners as well as towards and between contractors, with regards to technical installation related topics.