Operations & Maintenance

Primo Marine has extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience to provide independent Operations & Maintenance solutions tailored for the requirements of the offshore Dredging, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Power sectors. Solutions designed to ensure limiting risk of cable damage or failure during their lifetime and additionally improving response strategies in order to reduce the time and cost of repairs.

  • Installation & Protection Advisory Solutions.
    • Support scopes which have encountered unfortunate challenges during the offshore phase.
    • The conducting of complete peer reviews, including establishing and management of project risk registers. Reviews designed to incorporate all practical lessons learned from an extensive track record, as well as offshore cable industry.
    • The management of multiple subsea activities including provision sum operations.
    • The provision of subject matter expertise including pro-active problem solving of event, challenges and issues (including the arranging and management of third parties).
    • The interfacing with all significant parties to provide technical solutions.
    • The advising with project documents and the management of.
    • The providing of licence management and supporting of licences, agreements and approvals.
    • The translation of technical issues into contractual and permit requirements.
    • The provision of onshore and offshore expertise (Engineers, Project Management and Client Representatives).