Client Representation – Offshore Packages

    • The provision of Trenching expertise – relating to all trenchers from jetting (including sleds), mechanical cutter and ploughs.
      • Practical experience to assist contractors performance in all soil types i.e. sands, clays, glacial till and boulders.
      • All scope types i.e. pre-cutting, simultaneous lay and burial to post burial.
      • The provision of installation expertise – relating to cable lay operations from mobilisation to installation including pull-ins, landfall, beach, shore approach and deep/shallow water operations.
    • The provision of Rock placement expertise – relating to all rock placement scopes including protection (due to insufficient trencher burial), construction of “sleepers”, scour design, crossings.
    • The provision of full field construction including management of monopile installation, foundation piling, heavy lifting, WTG installation and marine coordination activities.
    •  The provision of QHSE Project Support, including HIRA, Hazop, Toolbox Talks, adherence compliance from operational performance to statutory and regulatory i.e. environmental performance.
    • The provision of Emergency Response scenarios, covering the full field support and management of all repairs from fault finding to deburial, recovery, repair, jointing and reburial.
    • The provision of expertise relating to Specialist remedial burial campaigns including MFE or Mechanical Protection.
    • The provision of expertise relating to Cable protection and repair.
    • The provision of expertise relating to Mass or controlled flow work scopes.
    • See Survey Management & Engineering.
    • See Operations & Maintenance – Emergency Response – Business Continuity – Cable Repair Solutions:
    • See 24/7 Emergency Accessibility.
    • See Offshore Safety Advisor & QC Engineers.