Helpdesk – Offshore Challenges

Primo Marine provides solutions focused on delivering considerable practical experience and expertise related to Offshore Protection, Installation & Maintenance Challenges.

  • Subject Matter Expertise.
  • Engineering:
    • Seabed Preparation & Intervention.
    • Survey including UXO desktop studies.
    • Installation Analysis and Review.
  • Expertise:
    • Trenching.
    • Installation.
    • MFE/Dredging.
    • Construction i.e. rock-placement, scour, landfall and crossing designs, piling and heavy lifting.
  • Project Management – including offshore burial specialists.
  • QHSE Management – the management of people, products, environment and regulations.
  • Client Representation & Construction Support – the management of offshore schedules.

Summarised Added Value:

  • Pre-sweeping and seabed preparation to ensure burial and avoid maintenance campaigns.
  • Overcoming challenging issues ranging from soils i.e. non-cohesive, cable management damage, scheduling and permitting issues (negotiating with authorities i.e. risk based burial design).