Cable Strategy Solutions

Primo Marine provides practical cable strategies covering Business Continuity and Emergency Response Solutions, including prevention (maintenance), preparedness, response and repair.

  • Prevention Solutions:
    • Scopes to limit the risk profile against damage and/or development of failures i.e. surveys.
  • Preparedness Solutions:
    • Complete preparedness prior to any damage or failure developing from organisation to resources.
  • Business Continuity & Emergency Response Solutions:
    • Spare management & storage.
    • Duty Response (24/7).
  • Response Solutions:
    • Ensuring correctly managed responses in the unfortunate event of damage or failures developing.
    • The initiation of onshore and offshore response (including consideration of insurance recoveries).
    • Fault Finding Expertise.
  • Repair & Close-Out.
  • QHSE Advisory Services:
    • Corporate and Project QHSE management throughout all stages from (1) Covering System Auditor Roles to (2) Achieving accredited Business Continuity Management including Gap Assessments and Reviews.

Summarised Added Value:

  • Prevention: Limitation of risk profile against damages and/or the development of failures; as part of
  • Preparedness: Systems to improve prevention and response.
  • Response: Reduced repair time (in the event of unfortunate damage and/or failures)