Client Representation

Primo Marine has assembled a dedicated offshore client representative team, each with over twenty five years’ experience related to offshore construction works.

The members of the team have been carefully selected due to their vast operational experience related to installation, trenching, dredging, surveying, rock placement and piling.

This expertise and experience ensures successful offshore campaigns due to providing correct communication, observation, recording and decision making to all the differing stakeholders involved.

Primo Marine offers bespoke Client Representation packages, as individual services or in combination with Engineering, Project & QHSE Management scopes.

Areas of expertise

Primo Marine offers, as part of its overall Client Representation package, the following comprehensive portfolio;

  • fully independent client representative service
  • logistical management via a Client Representative Coordinator covering, communication, travel, mobilisations and rotations thus reducing risk of project delays
  • guaranteeing the quality of works through quality and experience of representation, consistent approach to works regardless of rotations and thorough briefings
  • ensuring thorough oversight of works and safe operations (zero harm to people, equipment, product and assets)
  • comprehensive management of reporting
  • ensuring the timely submission of all daily reports and the supervision of all required meetings both offshore and between onshore and offshore