Operations & Maintenance – Emergency Response – Cable Repair Solutions

The prevention of or recovery from cable damage or faults for both predictable and unpredictable events. Solutions for minimizing costs and mitigating risks. The thorough planning of all necessary steps to be taken by all stakeholders, vessel and manpower identification and planning, storage & rental, permitting and authorities, responding, repairing and claim management. Also in the event of a failure an emergency response covering extensive fault finding and repair management is available via the 24/7 accessibility.

See also our press release relating to a Cable Emergency Response Manual, covering Prevention, Preparedness & Response in regard to cable emergencies and planned solutions. A high level handbook for user requirements and guidelines for identified failure scenarios for both the infield and export cables, also covering from beach to all offshore site locations for the Luchterduinen wind farm owned by Eneco.

Primo Marine completes Cable Emergency Response Manual for the Subsea Power Cables of the Luchterduinen Offshore Wind Farm