Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation

A comprehensive variety of engineering solutions to reduce the cost of construction and/or mitigate risk, such as:

  • Burial Risk Assessments determining how deep to bury cables over their lifetime.
  • BAS Burial Assessment Studies determining how to bury cables.
  • TAS Trencher Assessment Studies assessing capability of trenchers for effective burial and preparation of technical tender documents, including evaluation, selection and negotiation.
  • Seabed Mobility Assessments providing seabed preparation solutions for deeper initial installation compared with the cost of depth of burial issues maintenance over the lifetime of the cable.
  • Optimization of the Route Engineering, precise the detailed routing by micro rerouting, to reduce installation risks and costs i.e. UXO, seabed conditions.
  • Liaising and interfacing with authorities and permitting requirements.
  • Project Management – installation and burial specialists.
  • Contracting – ensure the optimum contracting arrangements.