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    Management of individual or multiple offshore packages:

    • Risk based management approach
    • Zero harm to people, equipment, product and assets approach

    Offshore client representation fully ensuring the client´s interests


    Ensuring the effective planning, scheduling and thorough execution of all scopes

    • Tender evaluation expertise, from preparation and evaluation to verification and selection incl. full contractual management, incl. application of EU procurement regulations
    • Extensive procurement & financial support expertise throughout the whole of the project lifecycle.
    • Portfolio of QHSE expertise for both Corporate and Projects requirements.
    • Expertise covering the development of all professional Corporate Management support to ensure operations are completed in accordance with the QHSE requirements of the project.
    • Independent expertise related to vessel assurance, assessments and auditing, risk reviews and incident management.
    • Fully independent assessments and advisory services
    • Financial, commercial and technical evaluations
    • Loss adjustor services
HDD Landfall
  • HDD Feasibility Studies
  • HDD entry and exit points
  • Beach, landfall & shore approaches
Survey Management & Survey Engineering
  • Interpretion of survey data (incl. DoB Depth of Burial)
  • Design and definition of survey campaigns
  • Burial Assessment and Cable Burial Risk Studies
  • Trencher Assessment Studies
  • Seabed mobility studies and morphological studies
  • Feasibility, evaluation and micro-rerouting studies
  • UXO studies
  • Advisory services on permit negotiations with authorities
  • Field data review covering Geophysical & Geotechnical survey, GIS, AIS and Metocean
  • GIS & AIS Data monitoring & management
  • UXO Desk Top Studies
  • Design and definition of UXO campaigns
  • Route clearance
  • Routing, re-routing & micro-re-routing studies
  • Burial depth under CAPEX/OPEX considerations
  • Design & preparation
  • PLGR
  • Route clearance
  • Seabed Intervention
  • Negotiations with authorities
Seabed Preparation
  • Dredging, levelling or pre-sweeping campaigns
  • 3D migration analysis to

    • reroute cables
    • optimize crossing angles
    • avoid number of sand-waves, mobile sections, crests and troughs with wrecks and obstacles
Installation Engineering
  • Review & analysis of methodologies, procedures and documentation
  • Recommendation of cable protection and seabed intervention methodologies incl. immediate risk mitigation solutions
  • Recommendation in regard to installation in mobile seabeds
  • Interfacing with all parties involved to provide technical solutions
  • Solutions to achieve burial depth and soil penetration
  • Knowledge of all soil types requiring different capabilities of cable trenchers
  • Recommendations for penetration operations: simultaneous or post-lay burial incl. additional passes
  • Complete onshore and offshore support incl. management of packages with provisional sum operations
  • Studies for trenching and erosion control
Rock Placement
  • Scour design calculations
  • Stability calculations and studies
  • Volume determination
  • 3D modelling
  • Impact analysis
  • Installation methodology
  • Design of rock berms/crossings
MFE Mass Flow Excavation
  • Design, calculation and review of MFE dredging works
  • Interfacing with all significant parties to provide technical solutions
  • Liaising with authorities
  • Crossing design
  • Contract draft and negotiations
  • Liaising with authorities
Cable Installation Methodology
  • Pull-in Analysis (1st and 2nd End)
  • Pull-in Forces Analysis
  • Cable Integrity Management
  • Review of Method Statements & Procedures